Zabelie Bosdet (mx)

13 years old. Mexican. Creator and composer of electronic music since the age of 9, a quality she discovered while playing with an application on her ipad. She has composed more than seventy-six songs of which she has already registered seventeen of them.


She has participated in education makeover conferences, as an example of the new generation Z, making it clear how this generation has the capacity to create in this digital world. Her creativity and talent has evolved taking her to experiment with creating cartoons and small editions of animated videos.


Her goal is to create small short films where she can include her own music. She loves of musicals, especially those with historical content. It should be noted that Zabelie is self-taught since she has not had any study in musicalization, drawing, or editing her animated videos. She has relied on videos that she sees on the internet and in her listening facility.


This quality has helped her learn various instruments like piano, guitar and ukulele just by listening to their chords. This gives us a clear example that for the creation of art there are no age limits.