Valentina cabello (MX)

17 year old Valentina Cabello is a local known aspiring artist from Tijuana B.C. Soon to be studying abroad to become a music producer at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Starting from a young age, she had always been drawn to the sounds of music and everything related to “artistry” (dance, art, music...). At the age of 5 she began to present herself in public, starting from local plays to dance recitals and by the age of 12 she began to introduce herself musically by showing up to music gigs and school social events.

Being a self- taught musician, she has always found ways to improve her abilities and skills through out the years. Even though her journey through life has been a roller coaster ride, there is one thing she has never forgotten... “never give up and keep moving forward”. That is why as a young artist, her motivation and goal in life has always been centered through the symphony’s and melodies of music by becoming one day a well known musician in the music industry.