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Steve Becker (us)

Steve Becker is a writer, director & producer focused on dark comedies about redemption and fish out of water tales. He has worked on projects all over the world after starting out in finance & production at CBS Sports, both in studio and game sites. Steve toils in the financial & real estate development industries which has informed his ample producer toolkit. He studied comedy at NYU, UCB & PIT and likes to field test his material in front of live audiences.


His first feature film, Manhattan Minutiae, is a rock & roll romantic comedy streaming on Amazon. Steve was contracted to shoot a 1-hour TV pilot based on the movie.


In addition, his Brazilian comedy web series is winning festivals around the world while fielding distribution offers. Having lived in LA for 3 years & Brazil for 6 years, Steve and his Brazilian wife reside in NYC but flee like frightened geese to Rio to escape the worst of winter’s fury.


His goal is to shoot a project on every Continent while continuing to write/produce 2 off-Broadway shows per year. Short of that, Steve dreams about growing his hair back.


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