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Melissa Ballesteros Parada (mx)

Hi, I'm Melissa Ballesteros P. I'm a storyboard artist / illustrator from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

I studied graphic design but almost at the end of the career I was hired in a government animation program in Jalisco called Battallon52 as a character designer for 10 short films while I was working on the project I received many animation courses and training in different software and later I finished the film and animation career, I was hired as a concept artist for the ADKIN studio where I created many animations for advertising purposes. In 2013 I directed the short film El conjejo en la luna, a co-production between Mighty Studio and Canala 22 that was shown at many festivals around the world and which was nominated for the Ariel.


In 2014 I was the director of the commercial The Adventures of Sphero and Jhonny Caspita, a co-production between Mighty and Sphero. In the same year I was a freelance story board for the movie Top Cat Begins with Anima Studios. In 2015 I was hired as an independent artist for Nick Jr as a character designer for the Butterbean's Café program, in 2017 I worked on the first mini episode of Viking Tales for Cartoon Network Latinoamerica.


I continued to work at Mighty animation Studio as a character designer until 2018, when I was hired as a Storyboard artist for Copernicus for the Trailer Park Boy projects and then for the relaunch of “the Care Bears unlock the magic” of 2018. Currently I continue to collaborate with Mighty animations miestra I am a storyboard artist for the Bentobox studio



I have also helped illustrate different children's books for the publishers Mcmillan and Penguin Group as well as I have also collaborated in illustrating some Aspen comics and an independent comic called B.A.B.E. Squadescribed by Gina Ippolito and Haley Mancini

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