Juan madrigal (MX)

Juan Madrigal is the managing partner at Studio 3351, S.A. de C.V., a Tijuana based, grip, lighting and production equipment rental house, that serves the northwester part of Mexico.

Studio 3351 was founded in 1992, but recognizing Baja California’s huge potential for film production destination, the company decided in 2012 to form an equipment rental division.

Since then, Studio’s equipment rental division has grown according to the needs of the film industry in Baja and adapting itself to the evolution of lighting technology.

Tijuana’s proximity to Los Angeles, has permitted the company to gain access to Southern California’s film production ecosystem. Permitting the Studio to form alliances with grip equipment and lighting manufactures, for the acquisition, training and repair of equipment and by this guaranteeing that the equipment is always in optimal shape.


This proximity has also allowed Studio 3351, to form partnerships with other grip equipment rental houses in Southern California, helping us supplement our equipment, in order to serve small and complex jobs alike.

Studio 3351’s biggest aspiration is to partnership with Baja California’s talented film professionals, in order to serve as a catalyst  for the growth of the Baja’s film industry and the realization of the States potential as one of the most important film hubs in the world.