Ariel Ortiz (MX)

Dr. Ariel Ortiz ®, is a General Surgeon with a specialty in Bariatric Surgery with nearly two

decades of experience in the field of weight loss surgery. He is Board Certified in General

Surgery, Board Certified in Bariatric Surgery and holds two professional licenses: A General

Medical license, as well as a General Surgery License (#2526822). Dr. Ariel Ortiz® gained

reputation early on after deciding to pursue Bariatric Surgery as his specialty in 1997. In the

late 90's only handful of surgeons were specialized in this field.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz® worked as a consultant training the first surgeons aspiring to learn bariatric

surgery, and traveled and lectured extensively in the United States and Canada. As a

consultant for Inamed Medical he proctored and performed surgery in over 100 hospitals

in the United States, including Cleveland Clinics, University of Chicago Medical Center, Mayo

Clinic, UCLA Medical Center, NYU Hospital, Mount Sinai, Lenox Hill, to name a few.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz® played a key role in the development and clinic application of implantable

medical devices for weight loss surgery, namely the Lap-Band System. His research and early

experience landed him a spot in the daytime talk show "The Oprah Winfrey Show" after

performing surgery on the youngest patient ever to undergo a bariatric procedure, which

set the foundation for its approval on teenage patients by the FDA. World famous for his

work with Lap-Band surgery patients, is now considered a leading authority in the field of

Bariatric Surgery, including the Gastric Sleeve, the Gastric Bypass and other Bariatric

Surgery Procedures.

He has been named Director of the first Bariatric Surgery Online Television Channel where

he lectures and trains other surgeons in the technical nuances of complex bariatric surgery

procedures. Dr. Ariel Ortiz® has trained hundreds of young surgeons around the world to

perform weight loss surgery safely and effectively. Obesity Control Center is a state-of-theart facility with the most modern broadcast capabilities and frequently transmits live

surgical procedures to the international meetings and symposiums around the globe.

He has been designated as an SRC Surgeon of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

and is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons designated by the letters FACS

after his name, and is also a Fellow of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric

Surgery indicated by the letters FASMBS after his name. Dr. Ariel Ortiz® was also the

youngest president of the National Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and is

currently full member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and the

International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity.

Dr. Ortiz's academic appointments include: Professor of Surgery and Professor of Clinical

Medicine at the Autonomous University of Baja California School of Medicine and Professor

of Medical-Surgical Nursing at the University Ibero-Americana where he teaches young

physicians and surgical nurses the fundamentals of surgery and clinical medicine.

As an opinion leader Dr. Ariel Ortiz® is frequently invited as a guest speaker to numerous

lectures around the world. He is Director of the Obesity Control Center®, one of the most

awarded bariatric hospitals in the world. He is considered an innovator in the field of

bariatric surgery and holds numerous trademarks and patents. Some of his contributions to

the field of bariatrics include: Set the foundation for the approval by the FDA of weight loss

surgery in teenage patients after publishing the results on largest series of teenagers that

had undergone a weight loss procedure.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz® also performed the first banding of a gastric bypass to rescue a failing

procedure. He performed and published his early experience that lead to it becoming the

standard with which failed bypasses are treated around the world. His expertise in the

bariatric field, as well as his ability to innovate and adapt, helped him design the world's

first weight loss surgery requiring no stapling, re-routing or device implant and trademarked

it as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®.

He has performed more procedures than all of the published cases combined. His most

recent collaboration resulted in the development and clinical use of the World's First

Swalloable Gastric Balloon for Non-Surgical Weight Loss and now benefits thousands of

patients around the world each year. He actively teaches Bariatric Surgery at one of the

designated sites for formal bariatric surgery training in Latin America. He is a surgical and

academic consultant for Medtronics Medical®, Ethicon Endosurgery® and Obalon


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drortiz/