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Alán Gonzaléz (mx)

23 Years of experience developing content for International Networks, PR Agencies, NGOs, Governments and Private Corporations. Currently developing Transmedia projects with Edutainment methodology.

Film director and social activists dedicated to empowering society in a global resilience agenda through technology and knowledge.

Mexican storyteller whose multidisciplinary career includes feature films, journalism and advertising.

He organized the production of dozens of 35 mm short films for the Tajiin 2000 Summit. He directed the photography of the Mexico's first High Definition film, "Sangre Joven,” in 2001.

In 2004 he founded Mariachi Films to produce his masterwork, Mambo Taxi, a documentary on Mexico City cab drivers. Since then, Mariachi Films has set the standard for anyone seeking to portray the country's historical, cultural and social richness.

Since 2004 he has produced Latin America news coverage for such agencies as NBC, AP, RAI, Al Jazeera, RTL and NHK.

In 2016 Mariachi Films joined forces with the French firm EON Reality to develop narrative projects that feature AVR 360 technology. The two founded the firm Haluro Media to focus on immersive projects.

He is currently producing La Conquista de Mexico, a piece that will be developed with cross-platform transmedia technologies. This project portrays the fall of the Aztec empire, evidencing that the arrival of the Spaniards was the trigger for an imminent war that the Tlaxcaltec and Totonac cultures were already preparing against the Triple Alliance. 


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